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I'm a stay at home mommy totwo very special type 1 diabetic little boys. They are my life! As well as their my sailor, my husband. I've also.been diagnosed with intersitial cystitis. We homeschool and are gluten free! :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Song Link Up..Shake it for me!

Well, I said I was not going to be participating in as many link ups and occasionally catch one if I could..and today I feel just like doing that...It's been another hiatus from blogging. Summer and life in general just seem to keep ticking away. My little baby will be a year old in 2 months! That's insaneness! Last year I was struggling with being preggo in the miserable heat and surviving a deployment. This summer I'm taking it easy enjoy all my boys. I want to keep it light so, I chose Luke Bryan's (Country Girl) Shake It For Me! This song just makes me want to get up and shake it!! LOL Plus, I have to admit he's easy on the eyes!

**Oh, and make sure if you want to participate in this fun link to head over to Goodnight Moon's Page