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I'm a stay at home mommy totwo very special type 1 diabetic little boys. They are my life! As well as their my sailor, my husband. I've also.been diagnosed with intersitial cystitis. We homeschool and are gluten free! :-)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Counting down..

Well, I'm counting down..I have several things to look forward to in the next few months. They involve the most important things in this world to me...my boys!

My bestie, Megan is hosting a baby shower for baby Grayson in the next couple weeks. August 15th. I'm very excited. Hope to see y'all there! We've been planning things together, and it gives me something more positive to occupy my time with. I should have never gotten rid of Gavin's baby stuff. That'll teach me, thinking that I was going to have a girl! lol I should know that with Chad&I's genes we are only blessed to have boys! lol

Then what comes next in the countdown?...Grayson's bday!!! I know I more than ready to greet the little fella. Being way preggo in the summer time with a 3 year old, and daddy on deployment, is not the easiest thing I've ever done for sure! I also know that his big brother Gavin,& his daddy are way excited for his arrival. I wish Chad could be there, but I know he'll be there in spirit& as soon as he gets home, Grayson will be wrapped around daddy's finger just like Gav. Still waiting to pick a date for my c-section, but I'm hoping for maybe the 8th of September. Chad&I both have birthdays on the 4ths of certain months, and if I pick the 8th..Gav&Grayson would have birthdays on the 8ths of certain months. Match them up, you know? lol

Last on the list is daddy's homecoming! I think I will probably be about to jump out of my skin that day and the few weeks leading up to that day too! Two months down this weekend!! Never been without him that long :-( I'm going to be so much stronger as a woman, a partner, and a mother in the end. I just have to hang in there! 

So saying my prayers that everything on the list goes smoothly& let's get this show on the road!!   

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nesting&Writer's Block

Well, it's been a week really since I last wrote one of these. I've had I guess what you could say is writer's block. It's not exactly that I can't think of anything to write at all, but it's the same ideas that keep coming up over and over again. All I can think about right now is cleaning, how much time I have before Grayson gets here, and how much I miss Chad.

Nesting has officially set in&it's driving me crazy. I'm getting frustrated with myself that I can't do things. Today I scrubbed the bathroom, and it was miserable. I mean, it's no fun having to clean the bathroom anyways, but with a huge belly added in the mix, it just makes it worse. I couldn't reach things I wanted to, and felt like I wasn't doing a good enough job. At night I lay in bed thinking about what needs to cleaned the next day. That's really pathetic I know, but it's like my brain won't shut off. Then when I can't get things accomplished, I start counting down the days until I can have this baby. I have my moments where I'm like it's only 11 weeks tops! Not even an hour later, I'm almost on the verge of tears because that feels like a lifetime away. I remember having some nesting with Gavin, but I think it's magnified this time because of Chad being gone. Gav tries to "help" but it's not really the same as having an extra set of grown up hands lol Bless his heart though! He hands me laundry to throw into the washer. Puts stuff in the trash for me. Will go get something for me if I ask him to. He's going to be a good man, just like his daddy! :-)

I had gotten in a bit of a funk this past week from missing Chad. I was trying to save money&stay in the house. Everywhere I looked it reminded me of something that needed to be cleaned or it was reminder that Chad wasn't around. It was good to get out&take Gav a few places this weekend.

I know in the picture of things, the cleaning doesn't really matter, just have to learn to shut my brain off. Easier said than done, right? Need to soak up all the time I have with Gavin until Grayson is born. Let him know that he's always going to be mommy's baby. Before I know Grayson will be here, and instead of counting down the days, I need just take one day at a time. I'm sure having the two boys to take care of at the same time will eventually help with the passing of time until Chad returns. So my goal for this upcoming week is to try to not stress as much about cleaning, spend some good quality time with Gavin, and take one day at a time. Wish me luck!   

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Thought I would write since I had finally had a free minute after a very long week. As the pregnancy goes on, which is to be expected, I have less and less energy. I wish I could bottle up some of Gavin's energy&use it. Or even sell it! That would be awesome! lol I have about 8 weeks at the least till I'm the mommy to a new baby boy or 12 weeks at the most. Hoping Grayson is ready to go at 36 weeks like the ob&I talked about. He's moving all the time-definitely getting cramped in there.

Missing Chad lots this July 4th weekend. Wondering what we would be doing if he was around? Taking Gavin to go see fireworks? Taking him to the beach? It's nice having my brother home for the weekend though. It helps to pass the time. Plus, Gavin adores his "Uncle Jeffy" as he calls him. I actually remember, though I was very little, when my baby brother was born. Climbed up on my mom's hospital bed, and was in awe. Told everyone at the hospital, he was "my baby." I can't wait for Gavin&Grayson to experience that, and hopefully have a life long bond. Gavin is always asking to talk to Grayson&giving my belly kisses. He tells me he wants to hold him&play toys with him lol Makes my heart melt!

Well, I don't have too much more to add right now, but I saw a survey that seemed kind of fun, so I'm enclosing that as my lasting thoughts for this post. End it on a light note, since everything else I wrote above was warm&fuzzy lol Not every post as to be extremely thought provoking, right? lol Enjoy&feel free to repost your answers!


Name: Joan

Birth Date: May 4 

Current Location: Norfolk,VA

Hair Color: Red

Righty/Lefty: Righty


Your fear: something happening to Gavin or Grayson

Your dream of the perfect date: any free time without the kiddios would be nice! lol

Goals you’d like to achieve: have Grayson very soon lol


Your thoughts first waking up: One day closer to seeing Chad

Your best physical feature: Eyes? Hair?

Your bed time: around 1am lately

Your most missed memory: spending time with Chad(that'll change after a few months)


Pepsi or Coke: Coke

McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonald's

Single or Group Dates: Single

Adidas or Nike: Nike

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino


Take showers: Yeah

Have a crush: Is it still considered a crush, if you are in love with that person?

Like school: When I went..sometimes..sometimes not

Believe in yourself: About half the time
Believe what goes around comes around: Yes

Believe everything happens for a reason: Most definitely

Think you’re a health freak: HAHA, no!! germ freak..yes!


Gone to the mall: Yes

Been on stage: No

Eaten sushi: Nope. Never.

Been hurt: Physically-yes, I'm always hurting&achy..I'm preggo after all

Dyed your hair: No


Kissed the same sex: my mom of course, but that's it
Got beaten up: No

Changed who you were to fit in: I don't think so


Age you’re hoping to be married by: 50 would be good lo

Number of kids you’re planning on having: 2 is good for now..would love to have a little girl though


hair color: brown ;-)

short or long hair: short!!

Fat or fit: fit

Looks or personality: it has to be a little of both(Chad's got that covered lol)

Fun or serious: both


1 MINUTE AGO: working on this blog

1 HOUR AGO: getting in jammies

1 WEEK AGO: is it sad, I don't remember?

1 YEAR AGO: saw fireworks with Gav&Chad


I FEEL: way pregnant

I HATE: deployment

I HIDE: pimples

I NEED: to have this baby already&have Chad back!

I LOVE: my little family!