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Thursday, June 16, 2011

MIA, Couponing&Summertime

Wow, been about a month and a half since I've checked in. Sailor man has had duty every 3 days so I rarely even get to take a shower by myself. I find it weird that I could blog all the time when he was gone, and he's gone now too like 3 days, but I guess it's different. Also, my car is still broken down, so when he is around we have to run all over the place to get things done. I've decided that I most probably won't participate in link ups right now. I may pop in every once and awhile, however if I'm going to do something, I want to stick to it. I'm not even sure anyone follows me anymore since they obviously never have anything to read from me.

Anyways...I'll quickly talk about what I've been into lately...Couponing! Have you watched that show, Extreme Couponing? Last night was the last episode of the season. Unfortunately the stores around here have limits on how coupons you can use in a transaction and limits on stacking them as well. I've been trying to do my best, and on days that they double up to a dollar I've been taking advantage of that. Yesterday, I went to Farm Fresh and got a good amount of stuff for only 70 bucks. I'll have to post a pic when my computer decides to cooperate more. I would have liked to do better, but it was a start that I feel good about. In fact, I think from time to time I will make posts giving heads up about samples, freebies and coupons.

Lastly, it's officially summer weather around here. The humidity is crazy, but that's to be expected being in the South East. In honor summer arriving, I changed up my background to something I can't live without- Flip Flops!! I would wear them even when it was snowing outside if I wouldn't freeze to death! I also made a playlist just of summer songs. Hopefully that puts a smile on someone's face!

I can't believe last summer around this time I was learning to cope with deployment and very pregnant. This time around I have a soon to be 9 month old, and my hunny is home! :-)

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