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Monday, September 13, 2010

Who are you to judge me?!

It's been quite awhile since I got the motivation to write something on here. I've been keeping busy, getting stuff ready for Grayson's arrival. Got my c-section date finally. That was something that was still up in the air in the last post. Grayson will be here officially in one week on the 20th of September.

One of the motivations for writing this post, is so I can vent about the crazy day I had today. Some days you ever feel like you are the one person in the world that has a big target sign stapled to your shirt? Like it says, please screw me over on your forehead. Yeah, it was definitely one of those days. I have alot of wonderful things to look forward to-Grayson's birth&Chad's homecoming, but right now there seems to be a few speed bumps in my way.

I took Gav to the play area at MacArthur Center. I had been promising him for several days that we would go there since he's been cooped up due to all of mommy's nesting. He had a great time&free range since there were only two other kids there. However on the way back, my upbeat mood started to dwindle. Not so smart on my part-because I chose to go when there was of course afternoon traffic on the way back. I got on the interstate, and there were cars on both sides of me, and a stream of them in front&in back. I see a huge chunk of tire come towards the car in front of me&hits them. Then it proceeds to come in my direction. There's nowhere to go to avoid it. I couldn't even swerve the tiniest little bit. I had no choice but to run over it. It was a big thud, but Gav&I were okay&I couldn't tell that the car had received any damage. I proceed to my next destination...Walmart.
When I get off the interstate, I immediately notice that there's a bad scrapping sound coming from the car. Like something is dragging underneath the car. I pull into Walmart, park the car,&check it out. Talk about a funny site...my pregnant self, trying to look underneath the car. Oh yeah- I got on the gravel with my hands&knees&check that sucker out. I couldn't notice anything obvious like a piece of tire still stuck or anything falling down. So, I knew from there that the car was going to have to be looked at tomorrow.

Now, I went to Walmart because I had WIC vouchers to use. You have to use them by the dates given, or it just goes to waste. I didn't know if first I should even blog about this, because of people's judgements towards me. But then I was like...why do I still care?! Who are you to judge me?! I had about 4 vouchers that needed to be used. I got everything I needed as fast as I could. In the meantime, Gav had an accident in the store. He usually tells me when he has to use the restroom. Actually, he's never had an accident while in big boy undies unless he's been totally asleep&dead to the world lol This time, all I hear is, "mommy I leaking!" (mind you he didn't make a mess on the floor but he still wet himself) Of course the one time I don't bring the diaper bag in, that happens. I didn't know what to do because I had my cart full of the stuff. I was done anyways, so I picked a line&was like let's hope this goes fast&I'll go to the car to change you. Well, guess again...it's Walmart so there was a huge line! I separated all my stuff according to the vouchers, so that the process would go faster. The cashier saw that I had the WIC, so she immediately turned on her light for a manager. The manager took maybe two seconds to get over to the line I was in. The cashier was slow&the manger&cashier kept chit chatting. Nothing I could control, right?

Meanwhile there's this snotty lady behind me who is huffing and puffing like I'm holding up the line. I just ignore it. Well, the cashier is almost done&the lady behind me pipes up. She says, "I would like to get out of here before all my frozen things melt. Must be nice to get everything free!" I lost it. Started crying, and got the nerve to say something back...She had only frozen pizzas and a huge case of beer on the belt! I say, "I don't get everything for free. My man(I said hubby) works his butt off in the military so you can stand there&bitch&buy your beer. I guess my child's health is less important than your alcohol!" I was in full blown tears. She said nothing more but just went on huffing&puffing. The cashier&manager said nothing either! What nerve!

Military do not get everything for free. People tend to forget that. Free health care...I think not..money still comes out your paycheck each month. Freedom doesn't come free. There are sacrifices being made all the time both by the service member&their family members so you can stand there, and do whatever you want, including insult innocent people in the Walmart line. How insulting! I have to be away from my sailor for 6 months, and he misses the birth our son, and you have the audacity to treat people like that! You don't any one's situation in life. Get over yourself! I will pray for you!

*By the way if you choose to look down on me for any of this, then you are not my friend, and don't talk to me ever again! Thanks!*

I will get through this, just like everything before. Taking the car in, in the morning. My next post probably will be the introduction to Mr.Grayson. That's definitely something worth smiling about!

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