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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New things..

Well, I failed on that 30 day challenge of posting a pic everyday. Oh well! I gave my blog a mini face lift though. At least, Gavin said it looks alright.. lol

Update on a few new things going on around here. Grayson is now holding his own bottle for the most part&he's started Stage 1 baby food. I'm so proud of him! I was reading somewhere that babies start holding their own bottles as early as 6 months, but usually around 9 months, and some as late as year. Only 4 months, and holding his own bottle. It occasionally slips, but that's to be expected. Trying not to brag(well, maybe I, lol)..but I knew he was a smart cookie!

I gave him his first taste of baby food the other night. Sweet potatoes! Boy, does that make a mess! At first, he wasn't so sure and spit it back out. Now, though, he screams, when I tell him that's enough! lol I don't want him to have more than a few tastes at a time right now. I know the pediatrician usually says to wait until they are 6 months. However, I was given the okay by his doctor, actually awhile ago, but just hadn't started. He's been on rice cereal since he was a few weeks old, due to his reflux, so he's now ready for a step up. Honestly, I feel like I'm trying to justify myself for starting him on baby food. O well, to those naysayers. I'm the mom, I make the decisions. He's almost 22 weeks!

That's about it for now. I can't wait until he starts talking, and says mama for the first time! :-)

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