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Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, hello bloggy world! Long time, no see! lol I seriously have been so busy lately, chasing around a 1 year old, dealing with car issues(got a new one, well new to me anyways) and just life in general. I have serious doubts that anyone even reads this. Although maybe that's my fault because I rarely have a post. I went back and read over alot of my old blog posts and my blog is kind of all over the place with link ups, projects I started&stopped(zumba for example), failed attempts to blog regularly and updates about my kids. I guess it's okay since after all it's my blog and I can write whatever I want! lol

Anyways..I now have a 1 year old! Grayson turned 1 on the 20th of September! Of course daddy had duty on his bday and last year he was on deployment when he was born, so that was kind of a bummer but we just celebrated early! Having him in my life this past year has been a blessing!

My newest thing that I adore..Pinterest? Anyone else? I love all the creative ideas on there. Especially since my other little man has a 5th birthday coming up in December. He has requested a Transformer bday.

How simple and cute are these?

Well that's all for now..must go back to chasing my 1 year old!

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