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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good looks...

Well, I thought I would make this one, a fun little post. Not as serious. I got to thinking today...I wonder what Grayson's going to look like? Will he look like Gavin? Just like Chad? Or maybe he'll even have red hair? Honestly, if I'm walking around in a mall, besides the fact that Gavin is calling me mama, and I'm holding his hand, no one would know that he's my son I don't think. When he was first born I thought he looked like my brother. He had red hair too. Very red, and know it's definitely a dirty blonde. Then he started to look like Chad. Now he looks just like Chad, but with my brother's ears! I always say it looks like Chad&my brother had a baby together. LOL He really is a junior Chad with Uncle Jeff's stand out, but adorable ears! It's amazing how Gavin has changed so much in 3 years! Now, I can't wait to see my new little man for the first time! I love my boys-all three of them! :-)

~ Check out the pics and see what you think. Does Gavin resemble me at all?~ Or is he definitely Chad's clone? lol~

**Side note-We survived 3 weeks of deployment**

Gavin when he was first born...

Gavin at around three months: Mommy or daddy?

In this picture, I think he really looks like my brother...

Gavin definitely had red hair...

Now you can definitely tell he's a mini Chad..

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