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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My baby is an eggplant! 27 Weeks!

Well, I'm 27 weeks today. Never thought I would make it that far honestly. After having an angel baby, everytime I go into the ob&hear good news, I feel relieved. Had my glucose test done yesterday. Apparently they don't do just finger pricks anymore. I guess I was thinking that because with Gavin, that's all they did. I mean, no offense, it was at the public health clinic when I was pregnant with Gavin. They aren't always up to date on things. I did fine getting the yucky sugary liquid down. After drinking it, I waited an hour, and came back for a full blood draw. I did get my finger pricked though. Ouchie!! I feel so sorry for Gavin&my mom, that they have to do that at least 4 times a day because of their diabetes. My finger is all bruised to heck, and hurts even this morning. The lady who did it obviously doesn't know much about finger pricks. You're never to supposed to do it on the middle of the finger. That's like the pad of your finger. The most sensitive. O well. I guess I've had extra training from Gav. lol The finger prick was actually to test my iron level. It's a little low so I've got to add more iron to my diet. Ground hamburger is on the list for things with iron.  Does that mean McDonald's hamburgers, here I come? haha Maybe when I have a craving. Grayson's heart rate was 131. So right on track! My blood pressure was perfect, and I haven't gained any weight. The no gaining weight is a good thing for me. I'm only supposed to gain 12 to 15 lbs this time around. If I get a call from the ob, I have to do the 3 hour glucose test. If no call, then I'm in the clear for gestational diabetes.
I talked quite a bit with my ob about a VBAC. It would be nice, but my chances don't look that great. Good news-if the baby is ready at 36 weeks, he said he would go ahead&let me schedule a c-section. I'm okay with that. That means Grayson could be here as early as 9/10 weeks. Getting way excited! Mommy, big brother Gavin,&daddy can't wait for you to get here! :-)

Just a fun way to tie up this post-Grayson is the size of an eggplant now! Check it out. Cute way to measure your baby's growth if you are preggo.

On a different note~ I got to talk to Chad for like two minutes this morning till the phone connection failed. O well, at least I got one! After not hearing from him for 3 days..your mind does crazy things! lol

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