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Saturday, June 26, 2010

In these moments...

They say it's supposed to get easier, and I'm sure it will come less severe. But seriously is it ever easy to be without your best friend, the father of your children for months at a time? I have my ups and downs everyday. It's little things through out the day, that remind me of him, and I can't help but smile. Those are the moments that give me hope. For I know, for however long I have to wait, I will get a chance again to make those sweet little memories.

Today, I went to rent a movie at Blockbuster with Gavin. Got two free movies. Yay for rewards and coupons!! As I was sitting in the parking lot, right before getting out of my car to go in, I saw a family walking. There were two little boys, and a mom&dad. The oldest boy looked to be about Gavin's age. The smaller child, just a little, little thing-maybe a few months old. The eldest was holding his daddy's hand, walking along. They were walking out of a restaurant, after coming from dinner. My first reaction was actually jealousy honestly. Why can't that be me right now? Then, a smile actually came across my face. My thoughts quickly changed to how sweet is that, I can't wait to do that when Chad gets back!

Then later on when I went to make some grilled cheese for dinner, I just couldn't help but smile. Chad actually taught me how to make a grilled cheese! Well, without a sandwich maker! lol Every time I make grilled cheese, Chad always comments on how good they are. I'll continue to practice my grilled cheese making skills for when he gets back. Don't worry babe, I ate an extra one for you! LOL 

~All these little moments, add up to one great life~I cherish all the memories we've made together, and look forward to many more to come! :-)

Gavin&daddy at restaurant(Smokey Bones) for Gav's 2nd bday.

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