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I'm a stay at home mommy totwo very special type 1 diabetic little boys. They are my life! As well as their my sailor, my husband. I've also.been diagnosed with intersitial cystitis. We homeschool and are gluten free! :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~New Blog~

Hey everyone! My very first blog. Welcome to my blog, blog world! lol Honestly, I would sit here and type all about me, but I'm sure it's simple enough for you to figure out by just looking at my profile. Plus, I'm also expecting if you are reading this, then you probably know me. So, some of you may know, Chad is on deployment, and I thought this would be a good way to help me cheer up. I've been so down lately. I never thought it would be this hard. I'm sure the pregnancy hormones have a little something to do with it. 
I used to love to write. That was way before meeting Chad&having Gavin. I used to write all kinds of poetry. I was the dorky kid that had the magnetic poetry kit. Oh yeah-that was me! lol I named this blog Naturally Sweet for two reasons. One-I don't like to toot my own horn-but deep down, I've always been told that I'm a sweet person, and that's what I strive to be everyday. I have red hair, so my temper has occasionally gotten in the way over the years, but deep down I would do anything for anybody. The other reason-it pertains to Gavin's type 1 diabetes. Diabetics of course can have sugar in moderation. Actually, diabetes is all about counting carbs. Products that have no sugar added, have less carbs. So, I didn't want to say No Sugar Added as the title. Kind of silly. As his mom, I believe he's a sweetie pie as well :-) So there you go-Naturally Sweet!
I guess I plan to use this blog as a place to vent about deployment, pregnancy, and a way to keep everyone updated on our little family. I should use this a little gratitude journal as well. Don't want to get carried away complaining, and overlook the blessings in my life. That's it in a nutshell. A little extra reading material for you.

**In parting for tonight**- Chad, I seriously doubt you get to read this, but we really miss you&love you! OXOXO The boys&I will be right here waiting for you! We are proud of you always! :-)

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