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I'm a stay at home mommy totwo very special type 1 diabetic little boys. They are my life! As well as their my sailor, my husband. I've also.been diagnosed with intersitial cystitis. We homeschool and are gluten free! :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter&Other Things

So, I've been horrible about blogging, at least I feel that way. I've missed a few links up here and there. Oops! Been soaking up all the days here and there that I have with my man. Once again, Sailor Man is gone for a little bit. Glad it will all be over soon for awhile. Another reason I'll have some time to catch up on my blogging...my car is having issues. Of course the day before he leaves, my car does weird stuff. He even took it out to see what was wrong, and it didn't act up on him. I just don't want to take it out unless I have to. It wouldn't be cool to have the car break down with the two little ones& no one around to help.

Anyways, enough with that. We had a good Easter&I'm very thankful that the Mister was around for it. The weather was gorgeous. Daddy went and got me breakfast at McD's(hey, it's the little things that count, especially considering he just got off duty that morning). Then after the boys checked out all the stuff in their Easter baskets, we went over to the parents for dinner in the middle of the day. Came back from there&we all played outside until the sun went down.

Some pics from the day...
Silly Putty Fun

Chocolate Bunny(a real treat since diabetes doesn't allow for him to have much candy!)

Playing outside with his new chalk(daddy drew the bunny lol)

Today the boys just had fun playing indoors because the heat and on&off thunderstorms. Grayson is learning to use a walker. It's kind of tough since all of our rooms in the house have carpet except the kitchen. I'm hoping this will help him because mobility wise he's a little slow due to being a chunker lol Maybe he'll be like his big brother&walk before he crawls. I love watching my boys interact with each other&I can't wait until they are at an age where they can play "fort" and climb trees together, all the cool boy stuff!

How was your weekend?


  1. lovely blog and love your post. lets be friends! follow me and see what i wear on wardrobe wednesday! xoxo


  2. Hey just found your blog through one of the blogs that I follow. I can not wait to follow your story:)