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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music Link Up! Old Alabama!

I've been kind of slacking on my blogging and keeping up with other people's blogs since Sailor man has been in and out so much. When he's here, I want to spend every minute with him, and when he's gone I find myself super busy catching up on everything..Anyways..go check out Goodnight Moon's blog&link up your song for the week!

This week I'm going with a song that just came out featuring Brad Paisley and Alabama, called "Old Alabama." I love country music, and those are two of my fav artists. One of my biggest complaints about country music...(not that they complain about losing their wife, dog, whatever...I actually love that! lol)..but I feel like alot of country music nowadays isn't country. It's become too "pop ized"(yeah, I made that one up!) This song kind of brings it back some. My fav parts are in the middle and at the end where Alabama sings along. This song puts a smile on this Southern girl's face! :-) Enjoy!

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  1. glad you linked up - but your link is missing a letter or something on Amber's page! You can delete the bad link and re-do it, but only while the linky is still open....like for a few more hours, I think.

    (I was still able to find you because I follow you)

    Oh, and I actually like this song, even though I am not a 'country' kinda girl.